Mobile Payments

We can help you satisfy those particular needs of your Chinese customers to increase your store sales.

China is the leading force globally when it comes to mobile payment adoption rates. According to latest market surveys, a large majority of young and affluent Chinese are leaving the house in the morning without carrying cash or credit cards. For them it is the Alipay app or WeChat app that functions as their favorite digital wallet. Unfortunately, when they travel overseas to Europe or the US they are faced with an old traditional world of paper money and credit cards – and they don’t like it. According to a recently published White Paper by Nielsen, the market research firm and Alipay, 90% of traveling Chinese would prefer mobile payment if given the option. Merchants in Germany who have introduced Alipay and WeChat Pay have found that their sales to Chinese tourists have doubled. In Europe we have partnered with one of the leading providers of Alipay and WeChat Pay mobile payment solutions.

  • We install Alipay and WeChat Pay POS terminals in your store
  • We provide tailor-made POS marketing collateral and signage
  • We provide training on how to use these new payment solutions vis a vis your Chinese customers